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Clutch Replacement Services in Edmonton

One of the key services that we provide at our Edmonton-based auto-repair center is a clutch replacement. The clutch is a pivotal part of a car. It's because of a properly functional clutch pedal that a car runs smoothly on the road. The clutch transfers the power from the engine to the transmission system using a complex mechanism, leading to the movement of a manual transmission vehicle. It is imperative to understand when you should consider a clutch replacement for your vehicle.

The Importance of Replacing Your Clutch

If you ask yourself which part of your manual car do you use the most, then in all likelihood, you will realize that it is the clutch. You press the clutch when you want to change gears, accelerate, reverse, and slow down. During all these automotive processes, the clutch suffers a tremendous degree of wear and tear. With the clutch being used so much, proper maintenance or replacement becomes the need of the hour. It should undoubtedly be tended to because if the clutch pedal is not repaired or replaced, then it can cause a host of problems such as slipping, squeaking noises, and more. A damaged clutch pedal will make the driving experience uncomfortable and extremely dangerous.

Signs Your Clutch Pedal Needs Replacement

If the clutch pedal presses too easily without offering any resistance, then you must see a technician because it might be time to consider a replacement. Our technicians are skilled enough to tell if you need any clutch-related services, be it replacement or repair. Feel free to get in touch with us in Edmonton.

It becomes hard to find the reverse gear with a worn-out clutch because shifting into reverse is a big deal for the car's driveshaft and takes a lot of force, especially from the clutch. 

The most common problem faced by manual car owners with worn-out clutch pedals is slipping. Slipping occurs when you press the clutch pedal, and it does not engage, or disengages, as a result of which no power transfers to the transmission system. Driving the car in this scenario becomes next to impossible.

If you hear a grinding noise whenever you depress the clutch pedal, then there is a high possibility that the clutch is worn out. You should go for a clutch replacement if you hear such unusual noises.

Changing gears with a worn-out clutch is a difficult task to accomplish, and if you are facing this, then contact us, and our technicians will take care of the rest.

Life of a Clutch and How Often You Should Replace It

The average life of a clutch is somewhere between 50,000 to 100,000 miles. But it entirely depends on your driving style, and most importantly, the type of surface on which the car is being driven most of the time. For example, if you drive mostly on Edmonton's city roads, the clutch will be used a lot more than driving on motorways. The usage of the clutch is directly proportional to its life. One more thing that directly impacts the clutch's life is driving style, so if you press the clutch too hard or sit in traffic jams with your feet pressing the clutch unnecessarily, then you will need a clutch replacement much sooner. 

There is no exact time to replace the clutch, so we suggest you go for regular auto service so that our technicians can determine the state of your clutch. If you wish to know your clutch's life and whether it should be replaced or not, connect with us. 

Tips for a Long-lasting Clutch


The clutch in your vehicle experiences constant friction when driving. In order to make it last, it's crucial to provide regular maintenance and proper use. We offer some of Edmonton's top clutch replacement services and can get your clutch up and running again. Here are a few pointers from our professionals on how to properly maintain your vehicle's clutch:


When the Vehicle Isn't Moving, Keep It in Neutral

Keeping your vehicle in neutral gear when stalled in traffic or stopped at a traffic light is preferable. This can assist you in removing unneeded friction from your clutch, allowing it to last longer.


Use Handbrake While Parking

Even when the engine is turned off, leaving the automobile parked in gear puts strain on the clutch. When parking, use the handbrake to secure the vehicle rather than leave it in gear. When you're not driving, this reduces the amount of pressure on the clutch disc.


Be Quick and Decisive While Changing Gears

This is a prevalent problem among new drivers. They often hesitate to change gears on time due to a lack of experience. This can put unnecessary strain on the clutch and can reduce its life expectancy. Make sure you are quick and decisive while changing gears.


Contact us today and get quick solutions for all your clutch-related problems. We also provide transmission services for manual transmissions and transmission rebuilds.

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