Manual Transmissions in Edmonton

Manual transmissions differ from automatic transmissions in that the driver has to use the clutch to manually shift gears. Also known as the stick-shift or standard transmission, the manual transmission can be difficult to get the hang of but it can be very rewarding.

If you drive manual transmissions in Edmonton, you know how delicate the system can be at times. If you need repairs, rely on Dot Transmissions. Our team has been offering transmission and general auto repairs since 1978, so you can rest assured your vehicle is in good hands. Give us a call to request a service appointment.

Comprehensive Repairs to Manual Transmissions in Edmonton

When you have a manual transmission, you know that the clutch is key. It sends power from the engine to the transmission, which allows the gears to shift. There are many issues that can affect the clutch and the transmission itself. When you notice certain problems, it’s time to get repairs as quickly as possible. Signs you need repairs for your manual transmission in Edmonton include:

  • Slipping clutch: If the engine revs but the gear doesn’t shift when you use the clutch, that’s a sign that the clutch pedal is in need of adjustment or replacement.
  • Sticking clutch: If the clutch hits the floor and doesn’t come back up, you may need to replace it. Often caused by external leaks, it may be cheaper to remove the entire transmission. 
  • Gear issues: Grinding gears often indicates parts of your transmission have worn down or been damaged. It could also be an electrical issue. Rely on us for all types of repairs! 
  • Fluids leaks: Because all transmissions are sealed units, a leak is a sign of serious internal or external damage to your transmission. Be sure to call us immediately for repairs.

On top of getting repairs for the above problems, you also need to perform regular maintenance for your transmission. We recommend routinely changing transmission fluids to ensure you avoid hydraulic failures and other serious issues.

The Pros & Cons of a Manual Transmission

There are many reasons people choose to drive manual transmissions in Edmonton. Being in control of the shifting gears tends to make drivers more aware of what their cars can do, as well as ensuring they’re less distracted. Additionally, there is improved fuel economy and cheaper purchasing costs associated with manual vehicles. Plus, since so few people know how to drive stick, there is essentially a built-in anti-theft system.

On the other hand, many people don’t choose manual transmissions because they are difficult to learn how to drive, it can be tedious to constantly shift gears while driving and, since many people don’t know how to drive stick, your friends probably won’t be able to drive you home if you’re sick or injured.

Schedule an Appointment for Your Standard Transmission in Edmonton

If your vehicle has a manual transmission and you need repairs, contact Dot Transmissions. Our team specializes in standard transmission repairs in Edmonton. Call or stop by Dot Transmissions today to set up an appointment!

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