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Quality Manual Transmission Service in Edmonton

Manual transmissions differ from automatic transmissions in that the driver has to use the clutch to manually shift gears. Also known as the “stick shift” or “standard transmission”, the manual transmission can be difficult to get the hang of, but it can be very rewarding.

If you drive manual transmissions in Edmonton, you know how delicate the system can be at times. If you need repairs, rely on Dot Transmissions. Our team has been offering manual transmission repair and general auto repairs since 1978, so you can rest assured your vehicle is in good hands. Give us a call to request a service appointment.

Comprehensive Repairs to Manual Transmissions in Edmonton

When you have a manual transmission, you know that the clutch is key. It sends power from the engine to the transmission, which allows the gears to shift. Many issues can affect the clutch and the transmission itself. When you notice certain problems, you should bring your vehicle in for a proper inspection. The types of issues you might need repairs for are:

Slipping clutch: The engine revs, but the gear doesn’t shift when you use the clutch.

Sticking clutch: The clutch hits the floor and doesn’t come back up. This is often caused by external leaks.

Gear issues: Grinding gears often indicate parts of your transmission have worn down or been damaged. It could also be an electrical issue.

On top of getting repairs for the above problems, you also need to perform regular maintenance for your transmission. We recommend routinely changing transmission fluids to ensure you avoid hydraulic failures and other serious issues.

The Pros & Cons of a Manual Transmission

There are many reasons people choose to drive manual transmissions in Edmonton. Being in control of the shifting gears tends to make drivers more aware of what their cars can do, and ensures they’re less distracted: if you’re driving a stick shift, you won’t have as many opportunities to be distracted by your smartphone, so you’ll be less likely to have an accident. Additionally, manual vehicles are associated with improved fuel economy and cheaper purchasing costs. Also, since so few people know how to drive a stick, a manual transmission is essentially a built-in anti-theft system. On the other hand, many people don’t choose manual transmissions because it’s difficult to learn, and because constantly shifting gears while driving can be tedious. Some individuals value comfort and easiness more than activity and performance, so for those persons, it may be best to go with the alternative.


  • More active fun
  • Fewer distractions
  • Better gas mileage
  • Lower price
  • Anti-theft
  • Lower repair costs
  • Cheaper to ensure
  • Better traction in the rain
  • Better traction in snow and ice


  • Easier to drive

  • No clutch pedals

  • Suited for urban driving

  • Higher resale value



Don’t leave it in gear when stopped

When you come to a stop light, you should always leave the gearbox in neutral. Leave the gear shifter in the neutral position, with your foot off the clutch pedal, because when you’re pressing on the clutch pedal and engaging the bearing, you’re adding unnecessary wear on the bearing.


Never rest your hand over the shifter

The shifter controls a selector fork, which applies pressure to a rotating collar that engages the gear you want. By resting your hand over the shifter, you put pressure on that selector fork which in turn rubs against the rotating collar. Over time, that collar will wear out to the point where you will start to hear grinding noise when shifting.


Don’t rest your foot over the clutch pedal when driving

When you’re pressing on the clutch pedal, you’re making the clutch momentarily slip and rub against the flywheel. When you’re in gear and driving down the road, it’s best to rest your left foot off the clutch pedal. The weight of your foot resting on the pedal can cause light pressure to be applied to the clutch, thus generating a lot of heat and causing premature wear and tear.


Don’t use the clutch to hold the vehicle on a hill

When you’re on a hill in a vehicle with an automatic transmission, you can let go of the brake and the vehicle will stay in the same spot without moving backward, owing to the fluid connection inside the torque converter transferring the engine’s power to the wheels. However, there is no fluid connection in a vehicle with a manual transmission. You should not hold your vehicle on a hill by feathering the throttle and clutch simultaneously. On a steep hill, use the handbrake.

Schedule an Appointment for Your Standard Transmission in Edmonton

If your vehicle has a manual transmission and you need repairs, contact Dot Transmissions. Our team specializes in standard transmission repairs in Edmonton. Call or stop by Dot Transmissions today to set up an appointment!

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