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Top Signs Your Vehicle Might Need a Transmission Rebuild



Only 9% of new vehicles for sale in Canada in 2015 offered a manual transmission option.


A great transmission, built with the utmost care and professionalism, can last upwards of 200 thousand miles before a rebuild. It is vitally important that whoever rebuilds your transmission is the best in the business. 


We know everyone dreads the day that their vehicle's transmission fails. Click here for the most obvious signs that your vehicle might need a transmission rebuild.

Check Engine Light

The little check engine light illuminating your dashboard isn't just for engine problems; it’s for all vehicle problems. The engine is the heartbeat of your vehicle and is connected to the rest of your vehicle, including your transmission.


Don't delay in having the fault verified, as it could be detecting an issue with the maintenance of the transmission. Regular check-ups and servicing of the transmission will ensure it runs for its full lifespan and will most likely help avoid rebuilding the transmission. 

Unrecognizable Sounds

No one drives your vehicle as much as you do. If you hear strange noises coming from the underbelly of your vehicle or a strange sound when you change gears, your transmission could be the culprit.


It could be a simple fix, and getting your vehicle seen right away will ensure a small problem doesn't turn into a big one.

Stuck in Gear

When you go to change gears, does the transmission get stuck in gear and not change again? It might not be the transmission but the worn clutch for a manual transmission.


On an automatic transmission, if this happens and the gears don't change, you know you have a problem with the transmission, and the vehicle should be sent to a reputable repair shop as soon as possible.

Leaking Transmission

Every morning when you go out to your vehicle, do you notice any fluid on the floor that is red? If you do, it might be coming from your transmission. 


A transmission with no fluid will wear out quickly, and you will be in for a major repair. Religiously check under your vehicle for any signs of leakage. 

Gear Shifting Delays

On an automatic transmission, the harder you accelerate, the transmission should change gears effortlessly. When a delay occurs while shifting, it can mean that you have a problem with your automatic transmission. 


These delays can be followed by a jerk or clunking noise when the vehicle goes into the next gear. Immediately go to the workshop and have the problem diagnosed. Not doing so might mean a new transmission. 

Use a Transmission Rebuild Specialist

No matter the problem with your transmission, you will need a highly competent transmission rebuild specialist to guarantee their work and get your vehicle back on the road where it belongs. 


Are you looking for a transmission specialist and need to rebuild your transmission in Edmonton? Not sure who you can trust? Head over to our home page, where Dot Transmission will not only repair your transmission for you but also get your vehicle to the workshop without delay!

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