Male in the middle of the road trying to fix his car’s transmission.

5 Signs Your Vehicle Needs Transmission Repair

Have you been noticing your car not driving like it used to?

If so, you might need to schedule an appointment to get its transmission checked. This essential element of your vehicle is sensitive, and your car can start malfunctioning if it goes awry.

Car repair is an essential service, and your transmission is no exception. But how do you know if your car needs a transmission repair?

Below, we'll go into the top 5 signs you should come in and get your transmission checked. Keep reading to learn if you need to schedule a car repair as soon as possible!


1. You Smell Burning

Is your car starting to smell smoky? If so, you need to contact your local auto shop right away.

A smoky scent sometimes indicates your transmission is too old. When this happens, the transmission burns and parts of your car may not receive the proper lubrication. You should replace it before it causes further damage.

The smell of burning can also stem from an overheating engine. If the engine overheats for too long, it can become destroyed and warrant a full replacement. You should not drive an overheated engine.

2. Your Gears Slip

When your transmission goes, you might notice your gears don't work as they should. You may have trouble accelerating or reversing. Your engine may turn on, but you might have trouble switching from one gear to the other.

If you notice this happening, you should schedule a transmission repair right away. Otherwise, you might be in the middle of the road and unable to switch gears or properly drive your car.

3. Your Check Engine Light Is On

If you've seen any of the things listed above, you should get your car checked out even if your engine light remains off.

Still, you shouldn't ignore your check engine light. It doesn't always indicate transmission problems, but it can. Ignoring it can also be costly, as driving on a malfunctioning engine can exacerbate existing problems.

4. You've Noticed Fluid Under Your Car

Your transmission system requires transmission fluid. Like other liquids in your vehicle, it can leak.
When this happens, you'll notice a pool of red fluid under your vehicle. It may smell sweet, so if you notice a sweet-smelling aroma next time you get into your car, check for the fluid.

What should you do if you have a leak? Refrain from driving the car. You could run out of fluid on the road, which could prevent you from switching gears. Instead, have a tow truck take it to your local auto shop. The technicians will be able to locate the leak, patch it up, and give you more fluid.

5. Unusual Noises

Have you noticed any whines coming from your car? Maybe you've heard some grinding when you try to switch gears?

This can indicate problems with your transmission. If you're hearing some unusual sounds, it's time for a car repair.


Ready to Get Your Car Taken for a Transmission Repair?

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